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Apple is leading today for tomorrow?

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

All tech blogs and all mainstream media are full of news about Apple and its tablet computer called the iPad. But interesting thing, all of them are talking about price, features of and prospective demand to iPad but none of them is talking about the iPad”s DRM (Digital Rights Management / Digital Restrictions Management), which is bad for users” freedom, and some other restrictions on iPad.

There is no doubt that iTunes transformed the music industry or iPhone transformed the cellphone. We so far can not predict whether iPad can transform tablet devices as iPhone did the cellphone. Maybe, it will but the thing is not about the transforming tech industry, but about the freedom. Apple”s innovative products always go beyond the customer expectations and raised the bar in terms of design and quality. Ipod, iTunes, iPhone and iPad. Yes, They are the state of the art products.

Apple is leading today for tomorrow, not only in meaning of innovative, state of the art products but also in meaning of restricting user”s freedom. DefectivebyDesign, is an anti-DRM campaign , says :

“Apple launched a computer that will never belong to its owner. Apple will use Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) to gain total veto power over the applications you use and the media you can view.” (Campaign web site:

You can not read e-book If that e-book is not in Apple iBook library, you can not watch oggVorbis videos, you can not install applications if that application is not downloaded from Apple Application Store. You can not do/read/watch/listen/install anything outside the line of apple. It makes us remember 1984? Yes, It does.

Once upon a time, 26 years ago,  Apple was saying “1984 won”t be like 1984” (1984 Apple”s Macintosh Commercial)

What an irony!